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Some suggestions for the couple to be...

Pray about it, don't stress, and delegate as much as you can.  It's your wedding for goodness sake.. rest in the joy of the Lord.

The 2 most mistakes I see are...

1- taking too long for pictures after the wedding and keeping guests waiting for hours before the couple arrive.... and  2- the Bride & Groom want to greet every table after they eat and get a picture with them.  That can go on forever.. if you take 5 minutes to greet every table and you have 20 tables.. that's over an hour.  Have someone in the wedding party keep you on time so you don't have to worry about it.  It can work well if you don't take too long to eat and take just a few minutes for each table. A picture with each table can delay... but at the end of the day.. you can do what you want it's your wedding!

Recommended Order of Reception

1.  Guest Arrive (music playing)

2.  Bride & Groom Arrive (big announcement)

3.  Prayer

4.  Meal (Bride & Groom go table to table after they eat)

5.  First Dance (Bride & Groom)

6.  Second Dance (Father & Bride)

 *Groom & Mom join half way through

7.  Tosses

8.  Toast

9.  Cut the Cake

10.  Open Dance

11.  Announcement Bride & Groom leaving

[Most receptions last for about 4 hours]

"Thank you so much Jason! You did such an awesome job as Dj and mc! We couldn’t have been happier!"


-Michael Conejo

(Chino, CA)

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