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Dance the night away!
Let's get it started!
We're all in!
DJ set up
It's always a good time!
Shine Your Light!
Move to the right!
Last dance!
Cupid shuffle!
Light Shine Bright!
Cut the Cake!
Cha cha real smooth!
School Prom!
First Dance!
Redlands, CA
B52 Pro Speakers
Mission Inn, Riverside, CA
Mitten Building, Redlands, CA
Starbucks meeting in Redlands
Newport Beach
Small events
Hidden Oaks, Rancho Cucamonga
Redlands, CA
Graduation Party
80's rules!
Jason & Kris
Woodcrest - Riverside, CA
Mother/Son Dance CECA School Yucaipa
Outdoor Wedding
Backyard Birthday Party
Backyard Wedding
Have some fun!!
Youth Outreach Event!
Diamond Bar Golf Course
Bryan Oneil (KSGN), Jason & Laura Story
love this Australian band Verses!
Jason with Tenth Avenue North
Fun times with the gang
Concerts and Events!
Live interview w/ POD & Brian Head
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